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Blog Money Making


You might already know some pretty good techniques to make money out of your blogs. I bet you are using some ad network to get some cash out of your blog. Maybe Adsense? How much are you getting from them? $100, $200 per month? I’ll show you some tricks to keep your current profit but add a lot extra to it each day. So get on writing those articles and, while getting your site popular with new and exciting content , monetize it to the max.

Ground Rules

What you need to start implementing my method is:
1. One Blog listed on Google
2. Mostly unique content(articles written by you)
3. Some medium Traffic.

You can keep your existing ads and everything, you will just need to write as much as possible daily(that is if you want to make money) and 30 minutes of your time, twice or 3 times per day(I will explain in more detail later). If your content is good 30 minutes daily will bring you at least $40.
Getting Ready (explaining concepts)
Have you ever heard of paid blogging? If no, let me explain a little. There are programs out there that will pay you to post things on your blog. Now if you heard before you must think “Oh not that crap again that asks you to post garbage on your blog”. Well, let me get this straight to you. I am not presenting some old shit here, I will introduce you to the latest, most profitable program!
Let me explain first the basic concepts of paid blogging to our friends that are new to this. I will also present you some old programs(worth ones that really pay) and after that I will present you the new baby I came across.
Paid Blogging Websites (presentation)
One of the easiest ways to make money online is to set up a blog around a specific topic of interest and generate online income from the display of advertising/affiliate programs, product sales or the provision of online services.
One formidable way of making money from blogs consists of effectively using paid blogging networks.
From an advertiser’s standpoint, blogs are simply publishing platforms which produce content that is viewable by both search engines and potential customers.
Advertisers want more exposure for their businesses and will often purchase sponsored links or written content in a bid to generate public buzz and increase their search engine visibility.
Here is where you come in. As a member of paid blogging websites, you will get paid to blog about the advertiser’s products, website or service. These advertisers will pay the blog networks directly and you’ll receive a stipulated fee when you agree to take on each specific assignment. How do I Make Money with Sponsored Blogging websites?
The process is actually fairly simple. Start by signing up with these sponsored blogging networks and giving them the web address for your blog. Some of these networks stipulate that your blog must have of a certain age (3 months old etc.) so take note of that before applying.
Take a look at their Terms of Service and wait for your blog to be approved by the administration. This usually takes a few days. After your blog is approved, go through their marketplace (if they have one) or just wait for blogging offers to arrive at your email inbox or site dashboard.
When you decide to take up a specific offer, write a blog post according to the instructions given. Publish the post and inform the blog network of the page URL. This is usually done through a user interface after you’ve logged into the network.
After your post is approved, you’ll receive payment according to the stipulated time frame. You can earn around $5 to $500+ for one single blog post, depending on the popularity, size and niche of your blog. List of 17 Sponsored Blogging Networks
Some of these networks should be well known to everyone but I’ll wanted to be as thorough as possible when developing this extensive list of paid blogging websites.

1. PayPerPost
The largest sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest amount of offers and has a vibrant community of bloggers who support each other through a forum. If you only want to sign up for one paid blogging network, I would highly recommend using PayPerPost above all the others.
The addition of PayperPost Direct and existing affiliate programs will extend your income potential outside of the basic marketplace structure utilized by most other networks.

2. ReviewMe
ReviewMe is basically some sort of a blog marketplace where advertisers can visit to order reviews from blogs. Some of the more ‘high-end’ or popular blogs are registered with ReviewMe and the earnings are substantially higher if your blog is well established and has a large audience. This is measured by your feed subscription base as well as the Technorati and Alexa Rank.
Bigger blogs tend to earn upwards of $100 to 700+ for each single blog post and there are a lot less restrictions and rules than Payperpost. The downside for ReviewMe is that they take a hefty 50% commission for their services, which in my opinion is too large.

3. SponsoredReview

SponsoredReview is a blog network that is somewhat similar to ReviewMe but they offer a little more functionality by allowing you to negotiate fees with the advertiser and bid for an advertiser’s offers.
SponsoredReview takes 35% commission for their services and you’ll earn anything from $10 to 500+ for each review. Their user interface is one of the better ones out there and the only drawback to their service is the lack of advertisers.

4. Blogsvertise
Blogsvertise doesn’t have a marketplace so you can’t browse advertiser offers to select what you would like to write about. The site admins will match advertiser offers to your blog profile and you can choose to accept or reject the offers you see.
Generally, the assignments are sporadic and you’ll receive one or two of them every week if you’re lucky. They do however pay on time so that’s one of the benefits of working with Blogsvertise.

5. Blogitive

Blogitive will pay all bloggers a flat rate of US $5 per advertiser offer, regardless of the size or popularity of the blog. One of the earliest blog networks on the scene, Blogitive seems to be gotten into a slump a few months after their launch.
They’ve recently revamped their user interface and one of the much touted Blogitive advantages is that they pay weekly via Paypal. Blogitive has a very poor collection of advertisers and that’s something that they definitely need to improve.

6. LoudLaunch
LoudLaunch is a medium sized paid blogging network which features a moderate amount of advertiser offers. Your blogs need to be more than 2 months old and payment is only made via Paypal. Like Payperpost, the blogger usually needs to append a disclosure badge, tracker tag or logo or the bottom of posts.
The user interface doesn’t appeal to me and like other networks like Blogsvertise, the range of advertisers seem to be rather limited.

7. BloggerWave

Based on Norway, BloggerWave’s rates for paid posts are generally around $10 for a single post. There doesn’t seem to be many restrictions and you’ll get paid via Paypal. BloggerWave has been late on payment for many bloggers and some bloggers have gone so far to suggest that they are a scam.
Apparently, they seem to have made good on their payments recently and hopefully things should go smoothly from now on for bloggers using BloggerWave.

8. Smorty
Smorty rates for sponsored blog posts is $6 per post although this might increase if you have a high traffic or popular blog. Post approvals are generally made within a week and payment is made on a weekly basis through Paypal. There isn’t a lot of advertisers using Smorty at the moment though that might change in the future.

9. PayU2Blog
PayU2Blog started a few months ago and do seem to be a work in progress. There is no actual marketplace which allows you to browse for advertiser offers and they do seem to function very much like Blogsvertise in that that’ll determine the type of assignments you will receive. Payment is made every two weeks via Paypal.

10. Blogging Ads

Blogging Ads started early and recently relaunched with a new look. It’s nothing too different from Blogitive, however do note that you can only put up 10 posts per month on all your blogs and the rate for each post is usually $5. Payment is made weekly via Paypal. Blogging Ads doesn’t have a lot of advertiser offers as well.

11. Creamaid
CreamAid is a get paid to blog program with a twist. All bloggers of an option of displaying a widget which allows them to earn referral commission whenever another blogger picks up an offer from it.
CreamAid is more fun than the other get paid to blog websites although I think their monetary potential is weakest. Don’t expect to earn more than $5 for most offers you come across.

12. V7N Contextual
V7N Contextual is not technically a get paid to blog network because most of the time you won’t have to write a blog post. All you’ll have to do is to transform any specific keyword (eg. golf clubs) in your blog posts into a link to the advertiser’s website. All bloggers will earn $10 per link, regardless of their blog size and reach.
An important point to note is that you’ll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that you can’t disclose that it was a sponsored link. I have blogs in the V7N program and have not received many offers before. Don’t count on getting too many assignments.

13. LinkWorth
LinkWorth is a search engine marketing company that offers a variety of monetization options for bloggers. For instance, bloggers can sell contextual links within posts or write sponsored posts on specific topics.
Other interesting methods include rotating ads, in content ppc advertising as well as packaged link ads. LinkWorth gives up to 70% of the revenue for its ads and payments are made monthly through Paypal, check, direct deposit or Wire.

14. BlogtoProfit

BlogtoProfit allows you to get paid to write blog posts about each sponsor’s products/websites. This company doesn’t have a user interface or dashboard and there is no marketplace which allows you to pick or choose the offers you want. I’ve tried submitting some blogs to them before but have never gotten response from them at all. It is possible that they are not active anymore.

15. LinkyLoveArmy
LinkyLoveArmy appears to be a get paid to blog network but their website doesn’t make what they do very clear. The design is fairly cluttered and there’s no apparent FAQ or guide for bloggers who want to sign up. This appears to be a fairly small DIY setup so I wouldn’t expect too many advertiser offers from the onset.

16. InBlogAds
InBlogAds is a hybrid network that allows you to sell text links as well as blog posts. InBlogAds started quite a while back but seems to have died. I’ve not seen any new offers available and I think they are definitely outclassed by all the other get paid to blog networks.
Although they were one of the first to integrate an advertiser and publisher account within the same dashboard, they’ve definitely fallen behind and dropped out of the race for bloggers and advertisers.

17. Dewitts Media
Dewitt Media is a search marketing and website design company that’s recently launched a contextual links program. Blogs need to have a minimum Google Page Rank of 3 before they will be accepted. Rates are set at $10 per post.
Like V7N, Dewitt Media requires you to sign a NDA or Non Disclosure agreement, which forbids you from disclosing that any specific link or blog post was sponsored. There is currently no marketplace with advertiser offers though a forum might be forthcoming.
You can sign up to any(or all of these) to increase your profits but the big downsize is that they will ask you to post some crappy advertiser article with 3+ links to some site that you don’t want anywhere near your blog. Excessive usage of these programs may lead in dropping your SERP. If your site goes to lower most of these programs will deny you any chance of continuing your profits with them and you lose everything at this point.
So let me present you an innovative program, something I consider the future of paid Blogging.
Start making $40+ daily from your blog the easy and safe way.
I am presenting you a new program that does not require you to accept their offers and does not ask you to put a provided article on your site with links in it. This is a total win-win situation for the blogger because we don’t have to create new (and possibly unwanted) articles on our posts to make cash. And it’s a grand slam for the advertiser because the articles on which they are having their links placed are all ready indexed by Google AND they are searched for via keyword. This means that all bloggers have to do is replace a word or phrase they all ready wrote with a link (1 minute worth of work = $5). And this also means that the advertiser is going to have their link placed in an article that is actually going to get read and the link doesn’t look like an ad.
The program is called LinkNerve.
If you want to make mega fast cash and you have a blog or website you’re going to flip over LinkNerve. LinkNerve is a sister company to Blogitive. They’re brand new and I totally love the way they operate. LinkNerve is totally changing the game on paid advertisements by offering both the blogger and the advertiser something they really want.
No kidding, I got a FLOOD of linknerve offers last night. I had a total of 8 worth $5 a piece! That’s $40 I could have made with approximately 30 minutes (or less) worth of work. I say 30 minutes because it takes a few minutes to get to your article then insert the link provided. Then you have to click the “submit for payment” link for each offer. None-the-less, totally worth every minute!
The downside is that the offers “expire” 12 hours after they were sent. Hopefully LinkNerve will change this. I think 12 hours is a little absurd – and I usually check my email 5 times a day! Regardless, I took the one offer I could and received payment literally 5 minutes after submitting the offer. I am totally stoked.
Now if you check the LinkNerve website you will see that they are in CLOSED BETA stage right now and you can’t create an account? Shocked!?! Don’t be, I’ll show you how to get in and start using the program right now.
As I said before LinkNerve is a sister company to Blogitive. I never signed up with LinkNerve – but I am a Blogitive member. So IF you are all ready a member of Blogitive, you’re sites listed with Blogitive will be in the LinkNerve database and you should get applicable offers coming your way. If you haven’t logged into Blogitve in a while, be sure to log in immediately and make sure your sites are all listed and more importantly, listed PROPERLY. If you are NOT a Blogitve member, you can sign up here. Thus far I have made almost $1,500 with Blogitvie – so it DOES pay!
Again, as I stated before, LinkNerve does not “require” you to accept their offers BUT if you DO choose to accept an offer you MUST read the following –

1. You will read online that you can loose page rank by taking LinkNerve Offers. This is pretty much false. The bottom line is that there’s no law saying you can’t link to whatever you want to link to. The only reprocussion is that you can’t accept funds in exchange for links that could provide other sites with a higher page rank. Tell me this – how the hell is anyone going to know what links are paid for and what links are not paid for? Just don’t put foolish titles like “Sponsored Post” on your ads and you’ll be fine.

2. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY if you accept LinkNerve offers that interfere with other paid site offers. For example, if you accept a Pay Per Post offer on April 2nd and you accept a LinkNerve offer to place a link in that same post on April 15th, Pay Per Post is going to reject your posting because you have other links in it. However, after 30 days have elapsed you can do whatever you want with the posting. So just make sure you have all ready gotten paid by previous sponsors BEFORE you insert a LinkNerve link.
Well, good luck everyone and happy earning!